Br. Robert Schieler FSC, Superior General for the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, has confirmed his attendance to Encuentro XI 2015.

To be held in Bogota-Colombia, the event will be an opportunity to see each other and reflect upon our future collaboration. Thus, the main objective of the conference is to find new strategies to strengthen the Association in the forthcoming years aiming at empowering the Lasallian Mission in the complex contexts of higher education.

La Salle University Presidents and other institutional representatives are invited to attend the event. So please, join us for an Encuentro addressed to those who see in IALU an opportunity to grow through its potentialities.


Have you registered yet? If not, please visit www.lasalle-ialu.org for more info.

¡La Salle Colombia es tu punto de ENCUENTRO!
La Salle Colombia is our point of ENCOUNTER!

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